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Brent Mitchell Trio CD Release

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Brent MitchelIf you’re making an independent film about the desert, and all that entails (extreme heat, extreme cold, dangerous love, dangerous beauty, drugs, guns, and the relatively high chance that something strange, and or bad will eventually happen), then here is your soundtrack. If you’re simply looking for a great CD from someone who, quite honestly, belongs in Austin or Nashville, then look no further. The Brent Mitchell Trio CD is available on iTunes.

I spent a year back in the 90’s “finding myself” in the Arizona desert. There IS actually music that fits the desert. Back then, it was a lot of Chris Whitley and Western Swing. I can see myself driving a late 70’s Chrysler boat of a car in 100 degree heat, rolling into some sketchy town with “Saint Augustine Blues” blaring aloud to the dogs that don’t have enough energy to bark a welcome. Driving 100 miles an hour from Tucson to Phoenix, trying to stay awake, straighten up, and praying I don’t over heat, with “Child of God” playing as loud as possible is another plausible scenario.

In my opinion, it’s all about the lyrics with Brent Mitchell. Sure you’re getting extremely well crafted, well played, “radio ready” songs, but the man is a poet plain and simple. Not the “roses a red” stuff either. It’s dysfunctional, real life,“I’ve seen the world and it’s not what it appears to be” poetry.

I’m really not sure what “Americana” is anymore, and I have never been to Austin, but I image Austin sounds a lot like this. I guess the easiest way to describe this CD is simply – it’s Brent Mitchell.

By: Kenosha Unplugged