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New CD “Life Begins at 57” by Paul E Sundquist

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PaulPaul E Sundquist

I ran into Paul a few times last weekend, and traded him a Corona for his CD, “Life Begins At 57”. I think I hosed him on that deal.

I know I poked fun at reviews this week, and I should pull out something like, “…comfortable in a grand manner…. a cosmopolitan adventure of exuberant eclecticism, blending diverse song–craft and multi-instrumental prowess augmented by incommensurable vocal styling”.

I’ll just say I really like it. A bunch. I’ve seen him play a quite a few times solo and with The Real Deal,  Brent Mitchell Trio,  Acoustic Soul. (it’s Kenosha, you need a score card to keep track of the players), but I never realized what a great vocalist he is. We really need a space free of bar noise to really LISTEN to music – maybe call it Fusion?

The only troubling thing seems to be the age when life really begins. Is it 43 or 57? But then, we’ve been debating that since Roe V Wade. Next time you see him, buy a copy (or just trade him some cheap beer for one).

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