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Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering in Review 2012:

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My own journey started off Wednesday with an old dear friend of mine driving West with the sun at high noon. We felt as if we were Thelma and Louise as we passed through the moving paintings of old towns holding history unknown to most souls. What a beautiful ride knowing that we had already morphed into the experience as everyone rode the Cosmic Railroad from all directions through the quiet side of Apple Country. We merged onto Railroad Street arriving at Kickapoo Stump Dodger Campground in the Village of Gays Mills which lies in a valley among steeply chiseled bluffs.

After setting up our mystical camp on the banks of the Kickapoo River and taking a much needed dip in the pool, a spectacular lightning show filled the night sky and the Thunderer’s Spirit blessed the Earth with much needed rain cooling down the ground for our dancing feet. The locals were welcoming and blended in with the groove. A handful of us even explored the Kickapoo Indian Caverns, “Where Adventures of the Past Live on Today.” The overall response from the family was that, “We have finally found our home.” Thank you Moses!

Three nights of CRR (Cosmic Railroad) along with their performance of 5 hours of NON-STOP music Saturday night was mind blowing and right on. The guys themselves admitted that this one set a whole new bar as these teachers weaved a web of majik. Strange Arrangement, Useful Jenkins, Fresh Hops, TUGG, Recalcitrant, TripL A (AJ), Soup, Asparagii, Evergreen, Willie Ames, Ben Vosters, Emily Mimier, Tim Booth, and the Dude Man, we appreciate your energy and dedication to the life of music. Kris Kringle’s snow cones, Grateful Grubs grill cheese and hippy burritos, Mystic Skye Originals and her marshmallow pixies, Tree Huggers Co-op good vibes, Cosmic Railroad Productions, Extreme Sound & Lighting, Recalcitrant Productions, Expansion Theory Productions, Peace Tree Originals, Musical Moments Media, and all of the Cosmic Volunteers who make everything possible, the family thanks you kindly.

Another special addition to the weekend was the ARTzoo which was a huge success where artists donated amazing pieces and raffled them off raising money for the LOCAL community of Gays Mills. Contact Ryan of RYH-KNO Photography if you would like to donate towards next year’s reunion.

Here are some thoughts of other family members:

Took a journey on the Cosmic Railroad to Neverland, woke up this morning with a paintbrush in my hand. The music blew my mind and creativity was the shrapnel. I hope some of it hit you, cause it’s out there in the cosmos. Mind debris. Best backlight art and music combo ever, I’m so sorry if you missed it.” ~Tatiana Katara

Certified Dead Head looking for a place to hang and found it.” ~ Bud

Best crazy people ever!” ~ Paul Aceto

That was the easiest 5 hours I ever played.” ~ Greg Gierl

It’s more than a family picnic, more than a get together, more than a music fest. We want your family to become our family.” ~ Sandy Sunshine

I always love the gathering because it renews my faith in people from everyday life and it refreshes me for the next year!” Heather Mccrary

There’s no other festival where you can catch 3 nights of CRR or meet as many people in which you immediately consider family.” AJ O’Reilly

The over-all message is that your family is welcome to join the oneness as the Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering is truly an experience that brings people together; the dreamers, the lovers, the dancers, the musicians, magicians, artists and children into a beautifully woven Masterpiece. “Where everyone is playing in the heart of gold band and strangers stop strangers just to shake their hands.” (Garcia, Hunter) As the train wheels keep running thru the back of our minds we get lost in no-sense of time. Under the stars where Angels walk among the children of light, hula hoops come alive and tutus are illuminated by creative minds. We all stand together as there are no sides.

Consider this an open invitation to join the Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering in the Summer of 2013. Many Blessings and a whole lotta love until then fireflies and moonshine, shooting stars in the sky, I see the Railroad up above, this family is full of love.

I hope you enjoyed my Angel’s Share,

The Spiritmentalist