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Wisconsin Vintage Guitar Show March 11th

The Wisconsin Vintage Guitar Shows were started in 2001 by the Whitelaw native, Scott Neuser. After years of honing his craft by playing in many area bands, he had learned several little nuances about the instrument. He then made it his goal to learn as much as he could about these amazing, vintage pieces of history. After long years of studying books, he decided that he wanted to see the guitars up close and personal, thus putting on his first guitar show. He soon discovered that at every show he had, there were great guitars and basses to look at and buy. Since then, he has been bringing this traveling show to all parts of Wisconsin for all guitar collectors and hobbyists to see. If you are interested in attending one of these shows, or just feel like talking about guitars, please feel free to contact Scott or just stay posted by logging on to this website regularly and watching for an upcoming show near you!

The March 11, 2012 Wisconsin Vintage Guitar Show will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the exact same location of last years show.

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