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Art Bar’s Cabaret License is Not Renewed and is Denied Alcohol in Upstairs Expansion.

At the Kenosha Common Council Meeting Monday 10-17-2011the Council voted down the renewal of the Art Bar’s Cabaret License. The Art Bar had also requested to expand to their upstairs to house Art Gallery shows, debut Independent Films, host private parties, and other events. This expansion was also voted down. The council asked a police spokesman for an official recommendation and the department did not have one. The representative spoke vaguely on the subject and did not site specific issues.

Since the Art Bar’s opening, the Art Bar spokesman stated “There has NOT been one police officer inside Art Bar for an incident since the opening day.” The council’s reasoning was “Public Safety”. During the public hearing section of the meeting, no one spoke on the Art Bar behalf.

The Art Bar stated that the alderman of the district had police called to tow three illegally parked cars in an area lot owned by the City of Kenosha. KMU cannot confirm this statement.

It does appear the the City does have it out for the Art Bar for whatever reason. Using the Cabaret License as a tool to reduce establishment attendance and blame it on Music is just wrong. If there are problems with a Bar, the City should address them directly and prove and document the issues so proper voting can take place. After review of the meeting minutes the Police department did not produce any documentation or recommendation on the issue except for one person’s vague opinion.

It is distressing to see the City of Kenosha work in this manner. The City should act on facts and also work with establishments that have issues to resolve those issues to make the community a better place for all.