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Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering 2011 In Review

Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering is something you really need to experience in order to understand the positive inspiration of their music. The Cosmic Railroad is an original jam band with an organic and adventurous improvisational style. Every show is created in the moment never knowing what the moment will bring or what the next song will be. This year’s event was located in the heart of Wisconsin at River’s Edge Campground where there was mind-blowing activities for children of all ages.

This includes going to the pool for a nice cool down on a hot summer day, to the friendly family shore of the Wisconsin River, to slush puppies and Doc’s homemade peach ice cream, along with the extremely hot fire dancers under the shooting stars. There is something for everyone including space balls, peddle carts, fun cycles, bikes, and trikes, the giant jumping pillow, which I took a turn on, and so much more. You can even chase Alice down the Rabbit hole.

While at the Cosmic Crossing Moses even said, “It’s not just all about the party, it’s about the positive vibe and the friends we meet and share along the way.” Heather said, “I love going to a festival where you’re instantly family already.” Another Cosmo (1st timer at a CCRFG) named Jess mentioned that if she could relive any day in her life it was the Saturday night when Cosmic topped the bill. We had so much fun at the Madhatters party and the people we meet were fun, fun, fun! The music holds the majik power (a different KIND of majik then magic) that is multiplied by each smiling face radiating the positive energy throughout the grounds.

The guys in the band have become incredibly special friends of mine. They are amazingly talented and create music on a cosmic level. They are artist in many ways and share their gifts by teaching music to the children and anyone who is committed to learning. If you are interested you can even take a one on one class with one of the band members at the Kenosha Conservatory of Music or you can always find Pete at Peace Tree downtown.

The music of the weekend was wonderful as all the different bands added to the high life that pulsated through the dancers feet. Many local talents from Southeastern Wisconsin were apart of the gathering along with a special appearance from The Big WU, another extremely talented American band from Minnesota who played on Friday night. The Heavy Pets set the tone for what turned out to be one wild Saturday night with a fantastic set all the way from Miami. You can catch Cosmic on the next train ride at the Shoe Fest on September 9-11 in Earlville, IL. For more information go to their Facebook page or the band website which is www.cosmicrailroad.com.

When we talk about a family gathering it truly was a family gathering. Join us next year or at any of the future shows for true friendship and fantastic music. It’s always worth the TRIP.

~Hope to see you soon,

The Spiritmentalist